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Bo-Shih Ni, LAc, DOM
Practicing in Melbourne, Jacksonville Beach, and Amelia Island

FL Licensed Acupuncturist, Florida AP356
Member of FL Acupuncture Association
NCCAOM provider

I have been extensively trained in the art of oriental diagnosis and treatment based on ancient wisdom from a Traditional Chinese Master Physician. The school in which I trained is no longer open, however, the Master Physician that I trained under is still educating many in the field of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  The Chou School of Acupuncture trained their students with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs in order to get the best results for the patients.  Rigorous discipline and experience from serving in the Taiwanese military has also provided a platform for developing mental skills to logically, decisively develop medical treatment plans for my patients.  My desire was to bring the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine to the people of the United States.  I pursued that desire by becoming licensed in the state of Florida by the Florida Board of Acupuncture.  I am a focused physician with broad clinical experience in multiple pathology in internal medicine.

1978-1981 Chou’s School of Acupuncture, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
1981-1987 Chou’s Acupuncture clinic, Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.
1991 Florida State Board of Acupuncture Examination
1996-2000 PhD in the History of Oriental Medicine

2017 – Owner of Bo-Shih Ni, C.A., P.A. d/b/a Ni’s Chinese Medical Center, Amelia Island.  Opened a satellite office in Amelia Island.
2016- Present, Owner of Bo-Shih Ni, C.A., P.A. d/b/a Ni’s Chinese Medical Center, Jacksonville.  Opened a satellite office in Jacksonville Beach with a full herbal pharmacy.
2012- Present, Owner of Bo-Shih Ni, C.A., P.A. d/b/a Ni’s Chinese Medical Center, The Villages, Florida.  Opening a satellite office with a full herbal pharmacy in The Villages to bring TCM to an area that has been greatly in need of Dr. Ni’s unique knowledge of TCM.

2009-2017, Owner of Bo-Shih Ni, C.A., P.A. d/b/a Ni’s Chinese Medical Center, Orlando, Florida.
2000-Present, Owner and Proprietor of Bo-Shih Ni, C.A., P.A. d/b/a Ni’s Chinese Medical Center, Melbourne, Florida. Positioned other acupuncture physicians in satellite clinics to focus on the growth of the primary acupuncture clinic in Melbourne. Currently treating more than 100 patients weekly with an extremely high rate of clinical success and offering continued education courses to all Florida Licensed Acupuncturist.
1999-2000 Owner and Chief Acupuncture Physician, Bo-Shih Ni., C.A., P.A., Vero Beach, Melbourne, and Rockledge, Florida. Increased clinical success spurred the opening of additional treatment facilities to meet the demands of surrounding communities for more convenient treatment. Offices were opened in Vero Beach, Melbourne, and in a neurologist’s office in Rockledge.
1995-1998 Academic Dean and Instructor, Han Tang School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Merritt Island, Florida. Created a School of acupuncture with Hai-Sha Ni to bring the practice of Oriental Medicine to American students. Our high success rate of treating disease in the clinic made the school an instant success.
1991-1995 Licensed Acupuncturist, Ni’s Acupuncture Center in Merritt Island, Florida. Organized and opened an acupuncture practice in Florida.
1981-1987 Chou’s Acupuncture Clinic, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.  Treating over 6,000 patients with a wide range of health conditions. Responsibilities included medical treatment of various disease pathology with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The clinic grew consistently with my contribution and was regarded as the top acupuncture clinic in the area. Greater experience over the years has refined and increased clinical response for my patients.
1978-1981 Chou School of Acupuncture, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.



Shi-Min Shaw, LAShi-Min Shawc, Dipl. O.M.
Practicing in Melbourne
Licensed Acupuncturist, Florida AP3811
Diplomat in Acupuncture, NCCAOM
Diplomat in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM


2009 – TCM Graduate, Beijing University
2009 ~ 2014: Deputy Dean of Terrific Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture clinic in Beijing.
2014 ~ 2016: The Medical Director of Beijing Tong-Ren-Tang Xian-Liang ancestral hall clinic.

Shi-Min Shaw is an experienced physician of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine whose education in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) began over 30 years ago with Dr. Hai-Sha Ni in Taiwan.  He is a master of gymnastic Qi-Gong and has been practicing this medical technique for almost 50 years.  His advanced 5 year University education came from Beijing University, the top TCM University in China.  Mr. Shaw has been practicing as a TCM physician and primary medical care doctor in Beijing for the past 13 years.

Dr. Bo-Shih Ni invited Mr. Shaw to join his practice because he follows the basic overall concept of TCM, which includes the harmony between humans and nature as well as the comprehensive inner balance of the human body.  He recognizes that preventative treatment before the onset of disease is the best health care!  Mr. Shaw uses TCM to treat any and all health concerns, specializing in pain symptoms such as headache, facial nerve pain, teeth, neck, shoulder, back and leg pain; cardiovascular, gastrointestinal & digestive, insomnia and sleeping disorders, stress & depression, overweight, chronic fatigue, dementia & memory disorders, some autoimmune, deficiencies, semi-healthy conditions, pediatric care, and male & female infertility.  As well as symptoms caused by poor circulation such as numbness, trembling, tingling and distending sensation of limbs are treated with acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs.  Mr. Shaw also achieves great results using Chinese medicine to treat sequelae of stroke such as hemiparalysis, facial paralysis and slurred speech.

Mr. Shaw will be joining Dr. Ni in providing monthly free educational health seminars to the public at our Melbourne clinic.  Please visit our Health Seminar page for more information on our upcoming health seminars.


Beth Myers, LAc
Practicing in Melbourne
Licensed Acupuncturist, AP2451


Beth Myers is an Acupuncture physician licensed by the state of Florida and board certified by the National Certification Commissions of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  She graduated from the Florida College of Integrative Medicine in 2007 where she earned a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Health Studies.

Beth is a Florida native who grew up on the Space Coast and recently moved from Delray Beach.  In high school Beth did an 18-week internship with Dr. Ni at his Merritt Island office.  In observing and learning Dr. Ni’s methods of treatment, Beth realized what a huge impact he was making on his patient’s lives by improving their heath and well-being.  As a result, her interest grew for Chinese Medicine and alternative healing.  As soon as Beth finished her Associate’s Degree she was accepted to the Florida College of Integrative Medicine.  Since finishing her Master’s degree at 25, she began her career working with established physicians all over Florida.  Beth has experience working at an Integrative functional practice where they did extensive blood work, nutraceutical IV’s and bioIdential hormones.  Beth’s most recent job was at a fast pace acupuncture clinic in Vero Beach where she ran a community style setting where patients received treatments in a group setting.  Treating on average of 20 patients a day including private appointments.

Beth is active in her community and you can find her at health fairs and community events teaching people about acupuncture and what it can do for them.  Beth is delighted to be rejoined with Dr. Ni and is looking forward to working with him beginning April 2nd.

“My mission is to educate people about their health so they can take charge and make beneficial decisions for themselves. Prevention is key to optimal health.” Beth Myers